Build Reading Fluency with Poems

To help build Reading Fluency with my firsties, I introduce a new thematic poem each week.

All About Me Poem
Click to Print💕

Here is a list of activities we do with our poems


*echo read

*partner read

*highlight rhyming words

*compare spelling patterns

*brainstorm new rhyming words

*analyze spelling patterns in the new rhyming words

My students collect their poems in a prong folder all year!

Every Monday, after they learn and add their new poem to their folder, they practice reading their old poems. They also read their poems during Read to Self and to their 3rd Grade Reading Buddies each Friday!

Then at the End of the Year, we have a POETRY PICNIC!!! We invite our parents to eat lunch with us and we share our Fluency Folders with them. We eat outside on blankets…it is SUCH. A. FUN. end of the year activity to do with families!

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