What I’ve Learned

As I started my 25th year of teaching this January, I began to reflect about ALL of the students I have taught. ( I think it’s around 1,000 little learners, due to the years of multi-age/team teaching I did.) I dug through old drawings, letters, & photos I have saved and really wished that I had more. Then I switched my thinking and thought about everything I have learned from my students. I have truly learned SO MUCH from them and I am still learning everyday! Here is my list of the Top 25 Things I Have Learned From My Students In The Last 25 Years.
After reflecting these past few months, I still CANNOT believe I have been teaching for 25 years! Everyday isn’t always the best or the happiest but I can truly say that I love my students and I am proud to be a teacher…it takes a special heart.  I got my “teacher heart” from my mom, dad, and my own elementary teachers…so blessed & thankful for these people & the experiences I have had!❤️

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