Ice, Ice Go AWAY…We Want Snow To Come Our Way!

We’ve been reading SO many snow, winter, and snowman books for our Shared Reading Block and our Read Alouds this month! So what better way to try and persuade Mother Nature than by making these fun, bright snowmen? We were hoping to get SNOW instead of ICE because we had an awful weather prediction of a 3 day Ice Storm during our extra long MLK Day weekend…insert sad face. 
As I introduce a new craft to my students, I always review specific procedures and show them little tips on cutting and gluing
1. Cut bigger shapes first because you can always make them smaller but you can’t go back and make them bigger.
2. Lay all of your pieces out before gluing.
3. Fold paper in half to make 2 shapes the same. We review the word congruent every time;)
4. If you want to draw your shapes before cutting them, that is okay…just turn them over before gluing them down. (So we don’t see the pencil marks.)
5. Discuss and make connections to simple shapes as you go through the steps of making the different parts.
Then I give them certain guidelines to follow but also offer them choices too.
These were their choices this time:
1. which colors to use for the hat, scarf, and buttons
2. how many snowballs to use
3. which kind of mouth or cheeks to make
4. how to make their white snowflakes & swirls
5. fringe the scarf or not fringe the scarf
 I want them to work on following multi-step directions while using their creativity too!!!
It always amazes me how their art is so unique…I LOVE IT! It makes my teacher heart so full and happy!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!❤️

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