President’s Day

February 22, 2012 vsaied 0

Our class made presidents using photos of their faces. They cut construciton paper to create the body and the flags. Then they completed a writing […]

Valentine Bear Glyph

February 14, 2012 vsaied 0

Today we made Valentine Bear Glyphs with our class. Everyone started by making a red heart with construction paper. They used this heart for the […]

Rebus Valentines

February 10, 2012 vsaied 0

Our class had SO much fun making Valentines to send home using these rebus pictures we printed for them. You can do this activity whole group […]

Who Are You?

February 2, 2012 vsaied 0

Years ago, we were given this file by a retiring teacher. We have updated it a bit and hope you find it useful in your […]

Draw A Rhyme

January 27, 2012 vsaied 0

This activity is SO fun! You can do this in a whole or small group setting. Read our Snowman Rhyme. Fill in the missing rhyming […]