Little Polar Bear

An Interactive Story That…Makes Learning Fun!

Today we read a story about a little polar bear that changes colors. He’s trying to change himself to be like others. But in the end, he turns white again and learns to be happy with himself…just the way he is!
 This is always such a good lesson to do with little learners. Using an interactive story like this helped them really SEE the changes Little Polar Bear was going through as we read the story. 
We love to make learning fun and this interactive story was definitely a HIT! We even got to do a snap-clap chant during the story…so, SO FUN!!!
We also love being able to integrate subjects any time we can. And this lesson let us integrate a bit of Science and Art as we discussed how colors mix and change.
The first time we read our story, we changed our polar bear’s color without our students being able to see how we were doing this. We used a chair at our group time to hide our secret;) 
We didn’t let them discuss how this was happening until the end. We just focused on the message and the meaning within the story. 
After we read our story this first time, we let our students discuss and share how they thought Little Polar Bear changed colors. Then we reread our story and showed them the process of how the colors changed. 
They LOVED this!!! Many of them had great thoughts & predictions about the colors changing. But seeing the process (with our honey bear bottle) and discussing how colors mix and change made it so much more meaningful. 
Here is a little video of our 1-2 multi-age sweeties singing the chant from our story.❤️
If you are interested in doing this with your kiddies, we recently uploaded this fun little packet to our TPT store! You can click our picture below to check it out.
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