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What an incredible honor it was to present at the SDE I Teach 1st & I Teach 2nd 2016 Conference in Vegas last week!!! ! I feel so, SO blessed and grateful for having the opportunity to share what I feel so passionate about…building stronger brain connections by having our kiddies move while they are learning!
This experience was life changing and is most definitely in the TOP 3 best experiences in my 24 years of being a teacher!!!
After MONTHS of planning and preparing my presentation & slideshow, I began getting all my swag organized and ready to give. 
My friend Robbi Bates made my mini-mirrors. I LOOOOVE how they turned out! You can Click Here to check out all the other super cute stuff Robbi makes!!! 
(Beware, if you love sparkly earrings! LOL)
My Teaching Happy Hearts Glitter Shirts & Giveaway Cups were created by the SUPER sweet, and incredibly talented Kim Chapman! To visit Kim’s Facebook page Macee Kay Designs and see what all she makes…just Click Here.
I’ve also been working with Tenille at Templates By Tenille for the past couple of months on 
re-designing my blog. She knew I reeeeeeally wanted it to go LIVE by the conference…so she worked very hard to get it all finished for me! I am so, SO happy with it!!! You can Click Here to see Tenille’s blog designs. She is so precious and easy to work with…LOVE HER!!!
I cannot say enough about these two: Jennifer, my sister-in-law (more like my sister) and Ali, my niece…they helped me, encouraged me, made me laugh, listened to me, took pictures/video for me, hauled luggage, walked for miles, endured a friendly little ghost (We named him Vinny.) that seemed to follow us all around Vegas LOL, woke up early, stayed up late, kept me organized, and smiled the whole time. They were my BIGGEST cheerleaders! Thank you Jen & Ali…
Bless Jen’s Heart…she walked for miles in her boot and 
never-EVER complained! We are praying she will be completely healed by next summer.
As I sat and listened to our AMAZING Keynote speaker Debbie Silver on the opening day, I couldn’t believe what she was saying! Everything she said is what I believe and how I live as a teacher…she truly touched my heart. Thank you for taking the time to visit with me Debbie. I just LOVE you!!!
After listening to Debbie, I went to a couple of sessions Monday morning that were SO INSPIRING:
1) the precious Kim Jordano from KinderByKim
I learned SO many NEW ideas for Math. If you haven’t seen these 2 speak yet…they are a MUST!!!
Then it was my turn to present. Eeeeek….I was so ner-VOUS! I felt like a little Kinder Babe on the First Day of School. Almost 200 teacher-friends squeezed in and then guess what? I did it!!! I honestly started to feel SO comfortable. Everyone was very kind, happy, and encouraging! Everyone listened and participated. And everyone was SO patient! Thank you, THANK YOU if you came to my session…I had an absolute ball and LOVED sharing with you and meeting you!!!
Many friends asked about the songs that were playing as everyone came in before I started my session…this is the playlist I used from my ITUNES. Oldies but goodies…especially for moving and crossing the midline;)
We talked about being HAPPY, talking POSITIVELY, and integrating MOVEMENT into our classrooms. These 3 things will help your children build stronger brain connections as they are learning!!!

 Another THANK YOU to my cheerleaders…my family and my best friends!
Jen & Ali, I Love You BIG!!!
I LOVED getting to see and visit with Mr. Greg and Jason from Kindergarten Smorgasbord again this year!!! Monday morning (before my session) Mr. Greg encouraged me to just have fun in my presentation. Then he said, “Come back and tell be how it went.” So I went back Wednesday morning before I left Vegas. We got to visit and he once again inspired me…it just oozes from him. I seriously LOVE this guy!
And most of all, I must thank this sweet, sweet girl…KYMRA!!! I seriously couldn’t have made it through this process without you. You are a living DOLL and I am SO happy I actually got to meet you in person. Thank you for all of your help, patience, support, enthusiasm, and encouragement!
Thank you SDE @staff development for teachers for organizing such quality professional development opportunities for teachers!!! And thank you for allowing me to be a part of it this year…I will remember this ALWAYS and already look forward to attending again next year!
If you were wanting the handout from my session you can click-the-pic to download a little sample for free!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Love & Hugs~ Victoria❤️
Think Happy. Be Happy.

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