Improving TPT Products

We’ve recently noticed with some of our own TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) purchases that some sellers do not know how to make a background that is not too stretched and/or is out of proportion.
It may be on just their cover or it may be in their actual product…either way, we would love to share and help anyone that may need some tips to improve in this area.
Of course there are so many different & easy ways to fix this…depending on which program you use to create your products! 
So we are going to share a few ideas from the programs we use and are familiar with. 
If you use Publisher
When you are filling a text box to create a background with a digital paper:
Right click and go to Format Text Box
Under Fill, click on the Fill Effects button
Then click on the Picture Tab at the top
Next click the Select Picture button
After you have selected your paper…
***Make sure you click the Lock Picture Aspect Ratio Box***
Finally click Ok!
If you use Powerpoint
Right click and go to Format Background
Under Insert From: click on the File button
Search for your paper
Click the one you want
It will automatically insert
Just click Close!
But what if you need to make your back ground a different size, like 1/2 page, or 1/4 page?
You will need use a text box and format your text box. 
Right click and Format Shape
Go to Fill and then the Picture or Texture Fill button
Then click on the File button to select your paper
Finally click and check the box that says, Tile Picture as Texture
Then stretch your text box to your desired size of use the buttons on the far right where there is a a size tab and you can click to change the height and width of your text box.
***You can also insert a rectangle from the Shapes Tab and format the shape that way instead of a text box.***
First insert your rectangle
Double click and go to Shape Fill
Then click on Picture
If your paper is too stretched, Right click and Format Picture
Click on Fill
Finally click and check the box Under Insert From: that says, Tile Picture as Texture
Then just click Close!

(You can even insert your digital paper as a picture and then stretch it and crop it by pulling the corners and using the crop tool!)

We have NEVER used Word…we never felt like it was user-friendly for the types of files/products we were creating. If you do use Word, we highly suggest for you to try Powerpoint!
We hope this is helpful to you as you create or update your TPT products!
If you have questions about this topic, please feel free to leave us a comment…we would love to help in any way we can!♥♥♥


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