Guided Reading: Responding to Literature

My school purchased Scholastic’s Leveled Bookroom this year! My firsties ask me daily if it’s their day to come to Guided Reading Group…they LOVE reading with their groups!!! And I am loving the variety of books and themes that are available in our Bookroom.

Before forming my Guided Reading Groups, I assessed my class using Literacy First and Sight Word Lists. Then I completed a running record on each child. I have 7 groups right now. My groups change often, depending on the progress of each child. I meet with my lowest groups more often and do “Check-Ins” with my higher groups!

Several years ago, I started using Journals with my Guided Reading Groups. I use them for many activities:

  • Word Study
  • Sound Boxes
  • Vocabulary
  • Quick Running Records
  • Responding to Literature

When I am working on Response to Literature with my students, I like to have a set of discussion ideas handy! I recently created this Generic set of discussion ideas to keep on-hand during my Guided Reading Group Time:

Click HERE to print a free copy. I’ve created 2 versions of this Guided Reading Topics Chart: color and/or bw to be printed on colored cardstock. After printing, laminate a keep in your Guided Reading Toolkit!

Another Free Guided Reading resource I have is my Bloom’s Question Cards:


I keep these on a ring in my Guided Reading Toolkit. And if you like those, you may also like my full set of Guided Reading Bloom’s Question Cards…this set has 58 question cards to help your students build higher level thinking skills.


When I write with my lower groups, I use a very guided writing technique. With my higher groups, I use my discussion ideas or question cards and I have them respond and write in their journals independently.

I keep their Response to Literature Journals in my little Guided Reading Cart. They are close at hand and ready any time I pull a group!

I hope you enjoy using these ideas with your Guided Reading Groups. I plan on sharing more Guided Reading ideas and tips very soon!


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