Classroom Tour 2016

Welcome to my new classroom! 
Over the summer I moved to a new school in a new district. My new school/districy is MUCH closer to home (no more morning commute) and is also where my sons have gone to school the past 9 years. This change has been hard and amazing, all at the same time…hard because I miss my teacher friends, students, and families from my old school SO MUCH and amazing because I LOVE my new teacher friends, students, & families! 
They say change makes you wiser and I definitely feel like I have learned A LOT already!!! (And we’ve only been in school one week.)
Here are a few pictures of my classroom. I hope you enjoy and would love to answer any questions you may have!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Check back soon to see all the fun learning I will be doing with my new firsties this year. I hope you have an amazing school year!!!

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