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I am BEYOND happy with my new website…I am a .com now y’all!!!  Thank you Becca Paro @jumpingjaxdesigns.com for your Grace & Patience as I began to learn the ins & outs of WordPress! (I was super nervous about the change.)  I loved watching you work your “magic” as you transformed my little blog into this new, fun, beautiful website. You were SO sweet to me and a true pleasure to work with.

To celebrate, I am sharing my latest summer project with you and a Freebie Printable to go along with it!

Composing and Decomposing numbers is an essential skill to master as young learners build Number Sense. My first grade team is working together to restructure our Math Block next year so that we can make sure every student has a solid foundation of Number Sense before we move on to more difficult concepts.

We got together a few nights ago and started making “Number Rings”! We each made a class set for the numbers 4-9. We will use these Number Rings to help our students develop relationships between numbers, build their mental math skills, & gain a  STRONG Number Sense!

I’m so excited to introduce these fun Number Rings to my new, little firsties next school year!!!

Any type of Hands-On activity helps children create stronger brain connections. And it always makes learning more FUN…so it’s a WIN-WIN!!!

These are SUPER simple and affordable to make…here is a list of materials you will need:

(You can find these at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Crafts, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.)


plastic beads



I made this printable for my students to use when working with their Number Rings. I plan too use it with my whole group, my small Guided Math groups, & in my Math Tubs. I hope you enjoy using this with your class…click the printable to download & save your Freebie!



Right now, I have all my Number Rings stored in large ziplock baggies. But everyone (my team & my family) has been teasing me about what kind of “Cute” container I will probably find to organize them in.

So I think I’ll go check out Hobby Lobby tomorrow;)

I think making Number Rings would also be a great Math Family Night activity!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by…enjoy the rest of your summer!

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