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Oh My stars ya’ll~
We are BE-YOOOOND EXCITED to share our blog makeover with you!!!
We have been working with Tenille @designsbytenille for awhile now 
and didn’t want to spoil the surprise 
but we have been dying to share it with you! 
Eeeeeeek…we are in LOVE with what she created for us!
If you’re in need of a little makeover yourself, 
you should definitely check out her work.
She worked so well with us and tweaked little details 
until we got it all just right!☺
Thank you Tenille~We LOVE you!!!♥
So last week was our first week of school and we made our first Comprehension Chart with our sweet little 1-2 multi-agers. 
We love making comprehension charts…
they’re VERY multi-level and SO beneficial to our little learners!
If you’re asking yourself “WHY should I make comprehension charts?”
Here are just a few reasons…
 If you’ve never made one 
maybe these simple steps can help you:
1. Decide on a book you want to read with your students.
2. Create a chart (butcher paper works well for this) 
with sections for your focus. 
(We always have title, author, illustrator, & usually genre!) Then we figure out what we can focus on and add those sections too ie. nouns, verbs, adjectives, vowels, problem/solution, contractions, compound words, rhyming words, punctuation, the possibilities are ENDLESS!
3. Explain to your students that you are going to create 
a comprehension chart with them. 
This will help them understand the book better and 
make good connections as they learn to be better readers.☺
4. Plan on re-reading your book for 3-5 days and 
add on new information each day.
5. Have a culminating activity at the end of the week/study! 
We usually let our students make a little craftivity 
using construction paper and then have a little writing to go with it. 
Here is what we created with our kiddies last week!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
If you have any questions about using comprehension charts in your
classroom, feel free to comment and we will get back 
with you as quick as we can.☺

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