Apple Glyphs

Glyphs Make Learning Fun…
We have been using glyphs to teach math concepts
in our classroom for years.
After sharing a picture on Instagram, 
we had many friends ask us to share how we use them.
So here is how we did our Apple Glyphs this year!
We had our apple question cards and 
apple circles (red, yellow, & green) pre-made.
Then as we asked each question, 
our students cut out the pieces they needed
 and added them to their apples to answer the questions. 
After we created our Apple Glyphs, 
we sorted them many different times with our students. 
As we sorted, we collected our data:
1. Which apple is liked the most?
2. How many boys/girls are there?
3. How many students like apple juice the best? 
Applesauce the best? or Apple Pie the best?
4. What season was liked the most/least?
Then we recorded our information in various ways:
*greater than, less than, equal (<, >, =)
*number equations (9 + 5 = 14)
*venn diagrams
When we record our data, 
we use different materials…
*large chart paper
*sentence strips
*sticky notes
*note cards
*butcher paper
*ellison di-cut shapes (ie. apples)
We hope this may give you some ideas 
about using glyphs in your classroom!
Have a great week friends.❤️

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